Back From Vacation!!!

I am so sorry that I stopped Blogging …I actually developed an eye condition called Uveitis also known as Iritis —my Iris was inflamed and I had blurred vision for months.  I had to rest my eyes and take all kinds of eye drops and make sure that I did not use the computer.



I will now Blog more often but not as often as I used to….if that makes any sense?


I hope that you understand and I will also be Blogging a bit more about myself and my experiences…


Getting Uveitis was a real scare to me since my Grandfather was blind and it could lead to blindness if left unchecked.


Thanks to my Mom who found an article on eye conditions and then encouraged me to read it…I then Googled and Voila!!! I diagnosed myself at the Eye Clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital, here in Montreal.

Today is the last day of eye drops !!! Hopefully, the uveitis will not reoccur and I will need to wear my sunglasses more often and take my Lutein and Vitamin A for good measure:)

Unfortunately, the Uvietis was a symptom of a more serious problem that I now face — Sarcoidosis — I am doing well but I have to watch my health very closely.

I am not on steroids for my condition, however—Thank God!!!


For more information please read the following:






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