And the Oscar goes to…

Some of the more memorable quotes from Wednesday’s (April 13th, 2011) Federal Debate:

“You keep using this word ‘bickering.’ This isn’t bickering, Mr. Harper. This is democracy. This is a debate. It’s not some pesky little irrelevance that gets in the way of your power. This is how democracy works.” –Ignatieff

“What would those options be? Obviously not a coup d’etat.” — Duceppe challenges Harper’s interpretation of a 2004 meeting in which he and the other opposition leaders agreed to explore “other options” should Paul Martin’s Liberal minority fall.

“I was at that meeting … and what you wanted to do at the time, Mr. Harper, was to get power. That’s what you wanted. And you said ‘if Mr. Martin doesn’t do what we’re asking him to do, well, we’ll seize power.’ That was the objective.” — Layton.

“You say that Quebec stands up at UNESCO. Well, it’s true — because they don’t have a seat.” — Duceppe to Harper.

“You and your team are like a hockey team made up of defencemen only. The NDP can score goals. That’s the major difference between you and us.” — Layton to Duceppe.


“Let’s show a little bit of respect. … You supported the Harper government, also. I supported the Harper government at certain times. That’s how our Parliament works.” — Ignatieff to Layton.


“Only the Bloc Quebecois could take the position to cancel a new jet plane but insist on a greater percentage of the spinoffs.” — Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

You be the judge….




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