Where have all the Black people gone?

Where have all the flowers gone? Live

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Michael Jackson – You Are Not Alone

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You know what?….

I am going to speak to you from a Black Woman’s perspective.  I think someone has to set things straight and it’s not going to come from an ETHNIC ………………..God I hate that word:(

I find it amusing that people only seem to remember that Black people and non-White people of various linguistic persuasions, exist once the Elections roll around.

I have lived in Canada and in Quebec and in the Montreal Area for 43 years — I have never lived anywher else on this Planet, yet in every Coffee House (Cafe) that I have frequented in the past 20 years as a resident of Montreal I have heard the same argument.

” The ‘Ethinics’ want to benefit from all that Quebec has to offer them, but they don’t want to support the PARTI that makes all these opportunities a reality for them'”

In other words  the Parti Quebecois has the interests of all Quebecers in mind including the interests of the Ethnics —and the Ethnics take from Quebec, but when Election time comes around, they support Political Parties that do not have their best interests in mind. (in otherc words, non-PQ Political Parties don’t care about Ethnics in Quebec)

The assumption is that the so-called Ethnics living in Quebec are not educated not sophisticated enough to make informed decisions about which Political Party would better serve their communities and serve their needs as individuals.

Not only is this highly insulting, it is very untrue. I think that we may be apathetic, but not necessarily uneducated about the political issues that are important to the proper functioning of our Democracy and which political decisions would be best for us as individuals.

Why on Earth would us Ethnics want to participate in a Political System that pulls us out like props fro the Pirates of Pensance everytime someone wants to secure an Election vote?

Yes, we do know when we are being used and yes,…we do not appreciate it.

We are not the invisible minority we are the visible majority and there is power in numbers.

If we have not voted for you it is not out of ignorance, it’s because you have not offered us anything worth sinking our teeth into.


Where’s the Beef

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You want my vote?—start sucking up to me ALL YEAR ROUND—–then we can talk….otherwise….

You know I never studied Law or Political Science formally, I just go with basic logic…For instance:

A)  Writing the word “NOT” on a document after it has been signed –without the consent of the one who signed it is wrong, possibly illegal (I never studied Law, remember?)

Motown’s Shorty Long “Here Comes The Judge” My Extended Version!


B)  Buying equipment for one’s Military without researching it’s effectiveness and without companies being allowed to compete for the lowest prices to sell them to your Country (tender) …does not seem right…

I look for coupons and shop around to find the right price for tomatoes –they’re soooo expensive!  Do our elected officials shop around for the best prices for Military equipment for our soldiers?

The Gap Band – You Dropped A Bomb On Me


B.o.B – Airplanes (Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore)

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C)  Finally, You can’t accuse someone of ‘snorting cocaine off the breasts of a prostitute’ then fire them, and refuse to apologize—-if you don’t have any proof….well, actually…..apparently you can in Canada

(I wish I could say that I made this last one up.)


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Michaëlle Jean


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Deborah Cox with R.L. – We Can’t Be Friends

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“I Never Knew” by Salome Bey


Fefe Dobson – Stuttering


Molly Johnson – Rain

‘Nuff Respect.

Thanks and have a great night:)))



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