Honor and Glory.

Who Were the Druids?
by Chris Travers

Throughout the past few centuries there has, perhaps, been no group of people which have so fascinated the popular mind of those inhabiting the British Isles than the druids. Some people see them as priests from Atlantis washed ashore somewhere in Wales, while others see them as savage barbarian priests who cruelly sacrificed animals, and even people in their abominable rites. Yet, these images are heavily tainted with bias, speculation, and even down-right forgeries (such as the famed Barddas manuscripts). When scholarship is applied to the evidence, a clearer, more realistic picture emerges.

I intend to pursue this image in this paper. As evidence, I will be drawing from the legends, laws, and languages of the ancient Celtic tribes, as well as from archeological finds, such as Lindow Man. I intend to try to answer many questions regarding the druids, but there are some things which cannot be found. Such short-comings are inevitable, and, in this case, informed speculation is in order, but only after the evidence is considered.


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What Does the Bald Eagle Represent?


What Does the American Eagle Stand for in This Nation?

Michael Logan is a writer, editor and web page designer. His professional background includes electrical, computer and test engineering, real estate investment, network engineering and management, programming and remodeling company owner. Logan has been writing professionally since he was first published in Test & Measurement World in 1989.
By Michael Logan, eHow Contributorupdated: August 23, 2010

Fotolia.com” data-type=”modal”>What Does the American Eagle Stand for in This Nation?thumbnail
The American bald eagle is our national emblem.

The national emblem of the United States of America is the American bald eagle. Used on our Great Seal with outstretched wings and legs, the eagle is symbolic of freedom, authority and power.

Read more: What Does the American Eagle Stand for in This Nation? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_6898650_american-eagle-stand-nation_.html#ixzz1HyuabY3f


The emblem of the double-headed eagle represents the alliance between the Quauhquecholteca and the Spanish. The eagle holds a Spanish sword in the talon on the right and an indigenous one on the left.


Thoth (pronounced /ˈθoʊθ/, /θəʊθ/ or /ˈtoʊt/; from Greek, from Egyptian ḏḥwty, perhaps pronounced ḏiḥautī) was considered one of the more important deities of the Egyptian pantheon. In art, he was often depicted as a man with the head of an ibis or a baboon, animals sacred to him. His feminine counterpart was Seshat.[1] Thoth’s chief shrine was located in the city of Khmun,[2] later renamed Hermopolis Magna during the Greco-Roman era[3] (in reference to him through the Greeks’ interpretation that he was the same as their god Hermes) and Eshmûnên in the Coptic rendering. In that city, he led the Ogdoad pantheon of eight principal deities. He also had numerous shrines within the cities of Abydos, Hesert, Urit, Per-Ab, Rekhui, Ta-ur, Sep, Hat, Pselket, Talmsis, Antcha-Mutet, Bah, Amen-heri-ab, and Ta-kens.[4]

Thoth was often considered to be the heart—which, according to the ancient Egyptians, is the seat of intelligence or the mind—and tongue of the sun god Ra, as well as the means by which Ra’s will was translated into speech.[5] He was also related to the Logos of Plato[5] and the mind of God[6] (see The All). He played many vital and prominent roles in Egyptian mythology, such as maintaining the universe, and being one of the two deities (the other being Ma’at, who was also his wife) who stood on either side of Ra’s boat.[7] In the later history of ancient Egypt, Thoth became heavily associated with the arbitration of godly disputes,[8] the arts of magic, the system of writing, the development of science,[9] and the judgment of the dead.[10]


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