If we could believe that FIGHTER JETS (CF-35) in the night sky are shooting stars, Canada could really use a wish right now…

” You can break up the Country (Canada) and you can govern the Country, but you can’t do both” ~ Prime Minister Stephen Harper

I think that you’ve done a smashing job of both Mr. Harper, give yourself some credit and thank you for your honesty and your transparency.  ~ Vaq


Yes, we do need fighter jets, but CF-35s are not supposed to be a very wise choice.  According to a Expert I heard on the CBC.ca Radio One (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) with Carole Off — a Mr. Winslow Wheeler from Maryland. U.S.A. said and I am not quoting:

* They are unstable

* The sofware on the jets are faulty

* No one who has purchased them wants to keep them ( they can”t find anyone to buy the CF-35s from their respective countries)

* Flying them would endanger our troops (any troop that chooses to fly in them).

If we are going to go to War(s) then we need the best equipement – not necessarily the cheapest — but the best quality and we need to hear from the best of the best in the MILITARY, to determine which equipement serves our needs as a Country.  The safety of our Military personel should come FIRST.  There needs to be a debate on this issue allowing educated Canadians, to engage in CIVILIZED DISCOURSE !!!


I take offense that my Prime Minister presumes that I have no interest in Parliamentary Democracy.

I may not have studied it formally in school; however, one thing I do know for sure is:

A Prime Minister who thinks and speaks for me without consulting with me and without respecting me is not a “Democratic” Representative of me or my Country, Canada.

Nor is he a Representative who I feel would properly represent me in the future.

~ Vaq


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