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Through three decades of public service, and as Leader of Canada’s New Democrats since 2003, Jack Layton is delivering the kind of change that can make life better for you and your family.

Months after taking his place in Parliament, Jack Layton successfully rewrote the 2005 federal budget. In place of $4.6-billion in corporate tax giveaways, Layton secured investments in better priorities— affordable housing, training, public transit, energy efficiency, development assistance and wage protection.

At last: this was policy from the kitchen table, not the boardroom table, and ordinary Canadians responded.

Election 2008 returned Layton to Ottawa with an even stronger team that has been the real opposition to Stephen Harper. While the numerically stronger Liberals rubber-stamped the Conservative agenda by skipping votes, Layton’s New Democrats held Harper to account. On the jobs and affordability crisis. On health care wait times. On global warming. On the issues that really matter to you.

In May 2010, over Harper’s objections, Jack Layton made history again. By passing Layton’s Climate Change Accountability Act, the House of Commons became the world’s first legislature to adopt science-based targets to cut climate-changing emissions— by 80% before 2050.

For Jack Layton, leadership is all about teamwork. Systematically since 2003, he has been building the strongest possible team— diverse, committed, national— to represent ordinary Canadians. By 2007, pundits knew something special was happening: after a by-election landslide in Outremont, Layton welcomed Quebec’s first New Democrat MP in a generation.

Jack Layton is ready to take the next step. Alongside an extraordinary team of New Democrat candidates, Jack Layton is applying for a new job: Prime Minister of Canada.

A Prime Minister who’ll put you and your family first.

Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done!


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Jack Layton


NDP Platform

Leadership you can trust


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Leadership you can trust

It’s time for a leader who will get things done for you and your family. Jack Layton’s New Democrats will work with others, stop the scandals and get results. Together, we can start fixing Ottawa – right now.

Making life more affordable

New Democrats will reduce the cost of everyday essentials like home heating. And we’ll ensure that every family takes home more of every paycheque.

Rewarding job creators

Under Stephen Harper, your tax dollars went to companies shipping Canadian jobs overseas. New Democrats will target investment to small businesses and companies actually creating jobs right here at home.

Improving front-line health services

New Democrats will take concrete steps to train more family doctors. We’ll improve homecare. And we’ll make your prescription medicines a little more affordable.

Putting families first

New Democrats will strengthen pensions. We’ll make childcare and education more accessible. And we’ll improve EI to make it easier for families to care for ageing loved ones.

The Hon. Jack Layton’s NDP Speeches:

March 22, 2011

A month ago I met with the Prime Minister to discuss the budget.

I set out a clear message to him… focus on the priorities of middle class families or face an election.

I did this despite the fact that this is a government that we have not supported because I believe it is important to try to make parliament work – we owe it to Canadians.

I told the Prime Minister that in this recession middle class Canadians were working harder than ever before to make ends meet. Household debt is at an all time high and the costs of everyday essentials are going up.

  • Canada’s Senate: Second thoughts about sober second thought February 10, 2011Thank you, Jean-Rodrigue, for this chance to share a New Democrat perspective on democracy in 2011. I certainly appreciate the work you’re doing at the Canadian Study of Parliament Group.At a time when many Canadians are turning away from Parliament,you’re turning to face it—asking how we can bring our democracy to better health. So kudos to you for the effort, and thanks for asking me to be part of it.A lot of what I know about politics, I learned from my Dad.
  • Canadian leadership: Beyond the military mission in Afghanistan January 14, 2011Thank you. And Happy New Year.A new year — a new chance build a better world, to learn from past mistakes, to get on the right track. Of course, this is the year we expected to welcome our troops home from AfghanistanFully and finally. By vote of Parliament. Long overdue. Canada’s been in this war for nine years now. Six of those in a major combat role. Longer than the second world war.

    In 2006, New Democrat members from coast to coast to coast passed a resolution to bring our troops home. We said this was the wrong mission for Canada —

  • Jack Layton’s speech at the New Democrat caucus strategy session September 13, 2010Good afternoon everybody. And thank you Link for that warm Saskatchewan welcome.It means so much coming from the next Premier of Saskatchewan.It’s great to be here to share ideas with the Saskatchewan NDP.

    And to come together to plan out our approach to getting results in Parliament.

    Your New Democrat MPs from across Canada are here today to do just that.

    But I’ll tell you – there’s actually another reason we chose to come together in Saskatchewan.

    We’re here because the hard-working people of Saskatchewan – like others across Canada – are looking for change.

  • Toward an economic vision: Jack Layton’s Speech to the Toronto Rotary Club August 27, 2010Your kind of engagement matters a great deal, at this time when so many people are disengaging — from politics, in particular. 41% of registered voters didn’t even cast a ballot in the 2008 election. “A pox on all their houses!”We hear that from many Canadians. We hear them lamenting what Parliament has become — the antics, the nastiness. It’s not just declining decorum.When citizens look to Ottawa nowadays, I think many see a place that feels disconnected from their lives. Why vote? Why bother?” We hear it a lot.
  • Jack Layton’s speech to the New Democrat Aboriginal Summit June 10, 2010Welcome to the close of our summit for First Nations, Inuit and Métis issues and candidates, here in the heart of Algonquin territory.Nine exceptional Aboriginal candidates. That’s the largest group among all parties. Surely the most inspiring! And I’d like to introduce you to some of them.My friend Lewis Cardinal is running in Edmonton Centre. Lewis has already received a National Aboriginal Achievement Award for Public Service—I can’t wait to see his talents at work in our caucus.
  • Leadership on health care June 4, 2010Friends, I can tell you this: New Democrats are putting health care front and centre for the next election.Not because it’s fundamentally broken. In many ways, medicare’s working well. Well enough to inspire the top achievement of the Obama presidency. Well enough to have made a big difference in my life this year.Medicare is how I discovered my own health challenges, and medicare is why I’m now well on the road to recovery. And all I ever needed was my heath card — my credit card stayed in my pocket.
  • Address to Federation of Canadian Municipalities Convention May 30, 2010Ladies and gentlemen: Hans Cunningham, your soon-to-be FCM President!Hans had a great year as First VP. His Kootenay Ice did pretty well too, out in the Western Hockey League.I may be a bit fixated on hockey today. And still mourning the Habs. But remember: there are 38 Canadian players in the Stanley Cup final … and we don’t have to stop reminding our American friends who won that Olympic Gold Medal!

    Let’s also hear it for your President: Summerside Mayor Basil Stewart!

    Congrats to Basil—to all of you, and to Basil’s beloved Summerside Western Capitals—for a great year!

  • Speech: The New Democrat plan to limit prorogation January 20, 2010Good afternoon.Today our hearts are still heavy with the loss of life in Haiti and with the continued suffering of its people.We grieve with the families of those Canadians who were victims of the quake.

    And we share the hopes of those wishing for the safe return of loved ones still missing.

    As the tragic consequences of the earthquake in Haiti continue to unfold, the best of Canada’s compassionate spirit has been on display.

    Canadians have given generously, even when they have little of their own.

  • Speech by Jack Layton on the prorogation of Parliament January 13, 2010Good morning.Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti today.We are deeply concerned for the safety of Canadians in Haiti and for the hundreds of thousands of Haitians devastated by the quake.

    We call on the government to provide humanitarian assistance without delay and to support the efforts of Oxfam, Red Cross and others providing immediate relief to Haiti.

    We are pleased that the Disaster Assistance Response Team has been deployed to Haiti.

    I know that many Haitian-Canadians are worried today, awaiting news of loved ones.


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