superdate: how to be one, how to get one ~ by Tracey Cox

I do not touch my lips that often:(……do I ??? ~ Vaq


Shawn Desman- Shook (Official Music Video)

Shawn Desman – Get Ready [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Shawn Desman – Shiver

this music video and song never gets old…i could watch it a 1000 times and never get bored:) ~ Vaq

Sky – Dedication

Sky-She’s some kind of wonderful


Live concert by Shawn Desman & Sky

HINT#1: Arts and Science Federation of Associations presents???

HINT #2: Welcome Back Concert on the Concordia University Terrace???

HINT #3: ASFA BBQ all day on the Concordia Hall Building Terrace (Behind Java U)???

HINT#4: 2$ Beer all night and featuring and array of Canadian Artists…..???

September 4th 2003

Never give up.

~ Vaq


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