I think I need to go to a SPA.

Welcome to Scandinave Les Bains Vieux-Montreal

Scandinave Les Bains Vieux-Montréal is a veritable Eden in the heart of the city. A contemporary and authentic environment, the spa promotes privacy and relaxation for a feeling of absolute escape.The ultimate relaxation is enjoyed when Baths are coupled with a warm and soothing massage



Welcome to Strom Nordic spa / Bienvenue au Strom spa nordique

Come enjoy a unique relaxing experience surrounded by all the wonders of nature…five minutes from downtown Montreal.

Located on the shores of Lac des Battures, Strøm Nordic Spa offers you an exceptionally beautiful natural setting.

Venez vivre une expérience de détente unique en plein cœur de la nature… à cinq minutes du centre-ville de Montréal.

Situé en bordure du Lac des Battures, le Strøm spa nordique vous offre un environnement d’une beauté naturelle exceptionnelle.


© Studio Beauté du Monde - Studio Beauté du Monde




HUMMMMMMMMM….if it’s good enough for the Queen of England??? ~ Vaq


They have their own Brand of tea:)

~ Vaq


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