No Ordinary Family.

I had a very hard life.

But I knew that I would be…it is written in the stars.

I suffered from Depression for many many years ….I just made due with whatever life I had been given. I take medication now and I feel much better.

Lucia is one of my spiritual guides (Numerology) …even when I was crying on the phone in dispair –slipping into oblivion, she stood by me…

Dina is my guiding light (Egyptian/Quebecoise) she helped me to see-the-light about myself.

My Sister is my Body-Guard — my Sister-Warrior

My Brother is the Judge and Jury with a sprinkling of “Mack-Truck-Drivin’ Union Delegate” Attitude thrown in for good measure…:) ya, Mike!!!!

I am very much like my Dad — same intellect/same humor

And my Mom ………she’s a B-ITCH  (Black Witch)  ….they get crabby as they grow older —-O-VEY!!! :)))   YOU NEED A MOTHER THAT WILL FIGHT FOR YOU.. WHEN THE CHIPS ARE DOWN…EVEN WHEN THEY ARE FIGHTING WITH YOU AT THE SAME TIME!!!!……………..;)

So this is my Family some I lived with –some I picked up along the way….there are a whol lot more but I have to eat so…………………..let’s just say that the definition of family is really really loose right now!

Frankie and Alice – Trailer

Thanks for protecting me during my 43 years of need!

~ Vaq


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