It’s the Economy, stupid!…..

You win some and you lose some…

Well, some people “lose some” a little more often than others.

Let me break it down for you….

If Women’s issues and Children’s issues are not highlighted in that Budget ——–

I can not and will not support it.

If you have forgotten about us ——-I understand, we tend to be invisible ….especially the VISIBLE MINORITIES……Amend it…………..I’ll wait.

OH. And no more SCRIPTED DEBATES please. It’s time to bring the debates back to the early 80’s

yes, I mean


Darth Vader vs Hitler. Epic Rap Battles of History 2

Abe Lincoln VS Chuck Norris Epic Rap Battles of History #3

Sarah Palin VS Lady Gaga – Epic Rap Battles of History 4

Hulk Hogan VS Kim Jong-il – Epic Rap Battles of History 5


Madonna and Lola @ Material Girl Macy’s Launch: School, Style, Parenting!

Just like on 104 and Park in BET (Black Entertainment T.V.)

Last MAN or WOMAN standing ….WINS!!!!

hip, hop …ya don’t stop;)


Adam Smith and Financial Regulationby Don Boudreaux on November 16, 2009

in Books,Financial Markets,Monetary Policy,Regulation

BET AWARDS 2008 – Joe & Guy Torry on Obama…

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 AS WELL:) ~ Vaq

BET Awards 2008 – David Banner “I never had this much money”

Miss Black USA 2010 – Osas Ighodaro @ The 5th Annual Nigerian Entertainment Awards

John Legend : Why I’m Nominating Barack Obama

“If You’re Out There” – John Legend

~ Vaq


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