The bun of oppression.

I have been wearing my hair in a bun for years.

I had to when I was younger because I was an Army Cadet…then I was also a Ballerina so it was something I just kept on doing.

However, one other reason I wear my hair back off of my face and in a bun or a chignon is because when I was very very young I was immediately drawn to FASHION and all of the HIGH FASHION MODELS wore their hair that way.

My Mom would straighten my hair with a metal comb (she would put it on the stove burner and pull it through my hair to straighen it…..this was before the electric hiar combs came out)—–my hair was straightened….I would then put some VO5 or DAX in it, and then bring my hair back ….et voila!!!

ARMANI’S MODELS brought their hair back…..

AZZEDINE’S MODELS brushed their hair off the face….

GUCCI too …………..

Dolce & Gabbana…………………….

fashiontv | – MILAN W S/S 11 – VERSACE FULL SHOW


If GRACE can shave it all off ….HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

I wanted to look sophisticated:)

I know NOW that I am more than my hair……but, when you are young….you need to dream ….

That is why I try to stay as authentic as possible especially, in front of children.

Children will remember the LIES THEIR MOTHER TOLD THEM.



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