Montreal’s historical buildings must be preserved….they are artifacts telling the story of Montreal’s rich history.

I am a very sentimental and emotional woman.  I’m not apologizing, i’m just sayin’.

And when I heard about the state of the Redpath Mansion – I found the idea of this historical building lapsing into delapidation, quite upsetting:(((

I love Montreal with all of my heart.  I really do:)

And I think that it is a shame that there isn’t more respect for the traditional and historical buildings here.

I’m not saying that we should not progress as a city. The City of Montreal need to make money and I have no problem with embracing the future—–with embracing change.

What I do have a problem with, however, is what seems like the deliberate attempt at stamping out the cultural heritage of a city who’s foundation was built, not only by the Scots, but by the BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS of all Canadians —–of all immigrants to this beautiful, peaceful city.

Archetecture tells a story. Have you ever looked at the murals in our Metro system? (Subway/Underground)

Look at the McGill stop.

Look up ——————–waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up!

You’ll see a stain glass History lesson.

Archetecture tells OUR OUR OUR stories.

I wonder if the MONTREAL GAZETTE and THE TORONTO STAR — have ever written articles about the importance of preserving of our buildings?

Are there others who think that this is important?

Just because someone has the money and the might — does not mean that they should be allowed to create whatever structures they want……just my opinion.



This year marks not only the 35th Anniversary of Heritage Montreal, and also the 30th Anniversary of our Home Renovation Courses. To celebrate these two milestones we are offering our past students the opportunity to participate in our Anniversary “Word of Mouth” Contest as the best ambassadors for the Home Renovation courses are our past students like you who can testify to the quality, relevance and impact our courses have had on your projects.

We have some of the most outstanding archetecture here in Montreal.  For this reason, film crews come here and shoot their films all of the time.  You can walk down any given street and no two buildings look the same…every building tells it’s own unique story:)))



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